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15 Ways to Get More (Real!) Instagram Followers in 2021

15 Ways to Get More (Real!) Instagram Followers in 2021

Hacks that help you to get more reach, Instagram is one of the important social media platforms.

I think the trending social media platform is Insta, With more than 3.7 billion users, social media is growing tremendously.


Instagram :            

  •  1.15 billion are actively using Instagram every month.
  • 90% of users follow at least one business account.
  • 50 % of people are more interested in ads
  • 500 million people are using Instagram stories daily.

Everyone is telling how to gain followers in one night or in 3 days you will get 10k, huh lol I don’t think that’s  possible. Everything took time, so you want people to see our profile and follow. If you want to be seen by people, then you have to post daily and put 3 or 4 stories in a day.

Now I am sharing some tips to gain more followers on instagram.

  1. Switch To business account: Business accounts have more options than normal. You can see insights into the account and you can add a call to action. Able to advertise and boost your post. You can choose your industry and your industry will show on your profile.
get more Instagram followers
  1. Make the most of Instagram stories: 500 million people watch most of the stories on Instagram, people are more active in stories than posts. Instagram stories have so many interesting features like Q & A, Ask me anything, and many more.
  2. Post Reel and IGTV, Carousels (Post in a different format): People love to spend time on reels and IGTV, nowadays carousels are the most trending way to engage your followers.
  3. Work with influencers to grow your own followers:  Influencer Marketing is an effective way to get more people. Search for micro influencers who have around 50,000 followers. 
  4.  Grow your Instagram account by cross-promoting: Cross-promoting is also an effective way to get followers and to get more reach. 
  5.  Use hashtags wisely: Hashtags play an important role in our posts and it will help to get more engagement, use hashtags related to your industry and trending hashtags.  
  6. Understand your niche: Understand your niche and post what people like to see. It’s very very important to understand what is your niche, and what is your profile for. 
  7. Write a good caption: Your caption should be productive for people and engage them. How much time people spend on your post that matter’s a lot for Instagram. An interesting and lengthy caption is important. 
  8. Post-user-generated Content: Post content that users want, it can help to rapidly grow your account.
  9.  Reply to all Comments: Make a Relationship with your follower is the essential thing you do because they are already interested in you so first make a relationship with your followers. Reply to them, make conversation with them in comments. 
unicorn content
  1. Unicorn Content: Unicorn content is that blog post, webinar, video, or another piece of content everyone is talking about. It’s a piece of content that performs in the top 1-3% of your site and usually delivers most of your traffic. Unicorns are not only traffic drivers; they’re the best-performing content pieces in many ways.
  2.  Comment on others’ accounts: Powerful way to get into people’s eyes, because a lot of people are gonna look at that post and they will see our comment and likes on that post.
  3. Tag your friend: “tag your best friend” People will gonna mention their best friend in a comment. It will help us to get better. a lot of their friends who are not following you will follow you.
  4. Be strategic about post time: Check your insight to know about the active time of your account. Post Timing plays an important role to get more reach and engagement.
  5. Use Instagram Newest feature: Instagram gives you that feature to use, they want that feature to go trending. Use maximum, if you can use that feature. like women’s day stickers were a new feature of Instagram and people were using that sticker in their story.

If you Try these tips, you will definitely get better. 

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