Key elements of cyber security

In this blog, I will focus on the key elements of cyber security. Cyber Security is an important concept as I have talked about it before in my blogs. You can be a target anytime and anywhere. Yes, it’s that scary. however, it is very important to protect your site. Read my blog on what are the topmost happening cyber […]

Meaning of the word ‘Jugaad’

The meaning of the word ‘Jugaad’ as per Indians is when there is lack of resources but this is not true and this is only for people who live in rural areas. The word ‘Jugaad’ is an idea which is highly rated and something that uses special skills. The abbreviation for the word is ‘Jugaad’ is the Justified Guideline to […]

How to Use Web

Omnipresence to Grow Your Business? I am everywhere & I am nowhere. That’s the beauty of the internet age – Ai Weiwei, said about the web omnipresence. Web Omnipresence is a complex word used to describe the ever-present state of the web and the internet. Internet is everywhere whether you notice it or not. Sometimes it’s chilling to even think […]

What is it that we do different?

Team Jugadu is a platform where we provide all the website development services and we not only give you the benefit of a website but our team will help you develop an omnipresence. Check this link out to know what is web omnipresence and what do we do in that. Web Omnipresence is a concept in which we help […]

Digital Marketing benefits for your business

We have witnessed a great change in our technology and we all know how important our mobile phones and internet is nowadays. We know how important digital marketing is. Read my blog on the strategies of digital marketing, What is the first thing that you see in the morning, right after you wake up? Yourself or nothing? Your mobile […]

Different types of graphic designing

You should know why graphic designing is important for anything you do. Graphic designing is not easy and it takes skills to develop something attractive and strong enough to catch the visitor’s attention. Take a look at my blog on why is graphic designing important? In this blog, I will work on the different types of graphic designs that […]

Why is having a website important?

A website for your business is an important thing as we can see a rise in the technology. You need to be online with your business. Read my blog on is website development easy or troublesome? A website is an interaction between you and your customers who are online and looking for you. Here are some points that will […]