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5 characteristics of happiness for developers

5 characteristics of happiness for developers

Hi there developers, we all know how difficult it is to program and understand what you do and don’t do. As developers, these are some characteristics that you need change in your life.

Programming is not easy and it takes everything out of a coders life to program something.

1. Holding a grudge

Have you heard of “Don’t take your professional life home.” but how are we supposed to do that when we face challenges with our colleagues everyday.

Having resentment or anger towards your seniors or employees is a major source of unhappiness. Your concentration towards your work is down if you hold grudges with others.

Also, your work environment is at stake and you waste hours of productive work thinking about this.

Finding processes or techniques to turn that negative energy into positive experiences will make you a better developer and a better you!

2. Stop picturing your past

Moving on is hard but something that we have to do once in our life, we all have experiences that we cannot forget but you have to move on.

There might be an interview that you couldn’t crack or a project that was a complete failur but that is not the end of the world.

You should fail in order to pass.

Always remember that it is not the last interview or job or project you are working on or for, you will get more options that maybe better than them.

If you do not stop living in the past, you are wasting your time and energy being stressful, unproductive and depressing which is obviously not right.

3. Cooperating is a road

Your pride might be important to you and to your growth but you need to be cooperative in certain aspects.

Changes might be depressing to you in ways but you always need to see what good can a change do for you.

Sometimes all you have to do is be open to changes, accept them and work on them to get results. Be cooperative!

4. Know the outside world

As developers it’s easy to disconnect from the outside world and create your own world. I know friends that are so into coding that they don’t know goes on in the outside world.

You need to not do that and engage yourself with others so that you know what is going on outside that coding world of yours.

Involvement in activities that keep you happy and going is something that your mind needs because non involvement in the outside world will make you more stressful.

5. Love yourself and others

OK, as developers, talking about loving ourselves is way too sugary and it’s just not how we talk. Programming is hard and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.

The problem is coding is a technical skill and there are rock stars and ninjas, and there is the rest of us (I’m in this camp). We must have empathy for ourselves and others as we move around in this profession.

Interacting with our peers with empathy and love will make you and those around you more productive by raising your level of work satisfaction as well as helping others become more effective programmers.

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