Traditional vs Digital Marketing

There are many mediums of doing marketing of your business. Which is mainly known as traditional and digital marketing. But which medium is best suited for your business and grow your business that is more important? In this article, I try to make you understand both the marketing mediums, like their advantages & disadvantages and which should you use? Digital […]

Learn From Coronavirus Pandemic At least

Natural Disaster Karnataka Floods- In August 2019, the western coast of India was lashed by heavy rains. Karnataka faced major damage and destruction. 7 lakh people in the state were displaced. Cyclone Fani– Storm of the 2019 North Indian. Also the strongest tropical cyclone to hit the state of Odisha. 11 lakh people were evacuated from damaged area. Kerala Floods–  Incessant rains […]

What Is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization which we often called as SEO is a process of rank high on search engine result pages in an organic way. In simple words when every user searches for anything on the search engine the shown to them is known as Search Engine Optimization. How SEO works Crawler- crawler is a computer program that automatically understands what […]