Business ideas to try in 2020

Business ideas to try in 2020

We will need great business ideas to try out now seeing the current situation due to Coronavirus.

Due to this, more than 3,00,000 people in our country are unemployed and god knows what they will do in future. Unemployed people are looking for business ideas to follow.

But you can always look up to the e-commerce business.

And here are some ideas for you to follow in the year 2020:

1. Social Media Consultant

Social media is a great part of our lives nowadays. We live more online than offline, right?

If you are great at managing social media accounts and you really know what goes where and when and how, you can become a social media consultant.

You will need more than 900 hours on social media to become a consultant. And you also need to have a background in social media marketing to be a consultant.

2. Be an affiliate seller

This is an opportunity for you to bring love live on the internet. If you have passion for a particular field or line that you want to follow, bring it alive in an e-commerce business.

Your job is to help brands sell their products by making videos and posting them online.

You can always explore options like you like make up, make a YouTube channel and talk about them there. You can explore a lot of options there js no limit to it.

3. Web developer and web designer

If you have a background on web development, this is your time to shine. If you don’t have any experience in web design, you can learn the trade from online tutorials and classes. Don’t worry because many tools can help with the job.

If you’re more creative than technical, pick to learn the basics of web design. It’s all about making a striking yet functional website for clients.

Many businesses are looking to make their presence known online. Become a freelance web developer or designer now while the market is wide and open. As a tip, practice often.

4. Content writer

This is your chance to explore your writing and the best one, grab it and don’t let it go.

People who love writing and are sure that you can make your content look like the most readable one online, they will love you and wait for you to write.

Content writing is a lot of money too. If you are an expert you can cost per word. And you will get a lot of freelancing projects too.

5. Virtual Assistant (VA)

Do you have good experience in the administrative department? If you do, this is the right option for you. As a VA, All you have to do put data entries, schedule meetings and answer calls. Isn’t that easy?

You can open it up as a business too as fresh or you can work for one client until you get the hang off it.

6. Online tutoring business

Do you like teaching and are really good at explaining things? This is an option for you and a good one too. You can opt this and make videos of any particular subject you are an expert in.

You will tools to make videos, to record your voice, expertise on a subject. Teach your mother tongue to foreigners looking to learn your language.

7. SEO Consultant

Here’s another eCommerce business idea for those who’re willing to learn a new skill. SEO or search engine optimization is the lifeblood of digital marketing.

It’s also easy to learn from free and paid online courses and tutorials. SEO is manipulating a brand’s content and marketing so it’ll appear first on web search results.

It’s using keywords, content structure, and analytics data to understand visitor behavior. It’s an eCommerce business that offers eCommerce services.

8. Digital health services as a business

Health care workers are right now concentrating on the COVID’19 situation. And because of this patients with less urgent need of medical attention are getting ignored in some way or the other.

So, this is your cue you can be a online health care provider. You can help patients meet doctors and vice versa online.

You don’t need to be a doctor, but you’ll need reliable sources for this line of eCommerce. Also make sure that the products you’re selling aren’t counterfeit.

Remember, you can affect not only the health but also the lives of others.

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