The Importance of live streaming in 2021

Live streaming is the trendiest marketing strategy in 2021. Everyone likes to watch live streams, it’s the best way to connect with your followers and interact with them. Live streams…

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Digital Marketing Trends you Should Know in 2021

Digital marketing is a Powerful equipment in your business, Which you can use effectively. In this Article you will know about top 5 digital marketing trends in 2021 that you…

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Advantage of website in a small business

5 Benefits of a Website for Small Businesses | Team Jugadu

having a business or corner shop gives you more ROI if it’s having a website. As there are not one advantage there are many which also help you to increase your brand reputation.

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Your Business the Most Obvious Choice for Customers

How to Make Your Business the Most Obvious Choice for Customers ?

Today, it’s no longer just about owning a business it’s more about the art of finding customers for your business to help it be successful. It’s also about the art…

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Brand Awareness

Due to COVID-19 Why Brand Awareness Become Important

Brand awareness refers the extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services that you provide. In this new era people…

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online business

Online Business Trust Issues

Having an online business is one thing and winning the trust of your customers is other thing.Winning the trust of customers is the second most important thing for your business,…

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Business Crisis

Major Business Crises

Crisis refers to sudden unplanned events that cause major disturbances in the organization and trigger a feeling of fear and threat amongst the employees as well as to the business….

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Why is SEO more important during COVID’19?

Hi, Are you there accessing the internet all night and day long? Obviously, what else will you do when you are in quarantine because of the you know, the China…

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Essential tips to do your SEO

today in this article we will be discussing Essential tips to do your SEOWe all know what Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is and how to do it but you might make…

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? Importance of SEO A good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will always be sweet and not sour. People are always online, they are looking for something or the…

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