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COVID’19 and Cyber Security

COVID’19 and Cyber Security

You have always heard of how important cyber security is? We have had long conversations on why you should absolutely have it? COVID’19 world is the right time for you to understand why cyber security is necessary?

Your company is probably working from home because there is no way you want to step out in such a situation. Where Coronavirus has us where it wanted us to be. We are not supposed to step out of the house unnecessarily and life is tough, really.

So, what is my point? My point here is how can you save your business from being hacked during this pandemic? If your website or your work is under attack and you are at your home, how do you plan on saving your work? Your data? Your client information?

In this blog, I will discuss the impact of covid’19 on cybersecurity:

1. An increased RISK in security

While you are working from home or learning from home. the risk of getting attacked has increased. Why? Because at home, you don’t have specified and proper tools to save yourself from an attack.

To save yourself from getting attacked, you are supposed to get Virtual Private Network in your computers to ensure not getting attacked.

Also, you need to ensure that you do not at any cost use your personal computers for official purposes as it increases the risk of getting attacked.

Unpreparedness will lead your organisation to greater risks and can cost you a lot.

2. Delay in action

A delay in action will cost you millions. It will cost you what you spent building your whole life, Do you want that? NO? Well, nobody does but working from home does not give you the right protection your work needs.

The functioning of many security teams is likely to be impaired due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thereby making detection of malicious activities difficult and responding to these activities even more complicated.

Updating patches on systems may also be a challenge if security teams are not operational. Organizations should evaluate the security defences in place and explore the use of co-sourcing with external consultants especially for areas where key man risks have been identified.

3. Influx of cybercriminals during COVID’19

Due to the COVID’19 situation in India, many organisations have cut short their employees to cope up with the loss they are having in their businesses.

And we have had various travel restrictions to save ourselves from the virus and it has changed our livelihoods a lot.

Organisations considering laying off staff should enforce proper exit plans.

4. Business Continuity plan (BCP)

We all know and understand that our BCP’s did not consist of this. This pandemic that has changed our lives in such a way that there is not going to be an old normal. This is the new normal and we have to live with it.

A revised risk assessment should be conducted on critical processes to identify the various options in ensuring these processes can still be maintained at an acceptable level and an effective fail over is achievable.

5. Post COVID’19 strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge strain on the global economy with some experts predicting a recession as part of the after effects of the pandemic.

Organisations Post COVID-19 pandemic strategy might include downsizing by cutting off business lines considered as non-critical which may include cyber security operations.

Organizations are advised to update at their BCPs and remote working policies/practices whilst prioritizing cyber security during post COVID-19 re-strategizing process.

In conclusion, COVID-19 will change our lives forever with new work styles, new cybersecurity issues, new proposed policies.

The fight against COVID-19 is not just for the organisation, employee or customer but a joint effort from everyone.

It is also apparent that Post COVID-19, organizations will need to rethink their cyber risk management measures.

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