Cyber Security
Cybersecurity or Information security?

Cybersecurity or Information security?

What’s the difference?

Before, taking you in a deep experience of what’s the difference between Cybersecurity or Information security? let’s discuss them individually.

People are often confused between cybersecurity and information security. In this article, I will discuss the differences between them.


The terms ‘Data’ and ‘Information’ are often used interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two. While all information can be data but not all data can be information. Information is processed data.

Cybersecurity or computer security- involves a range of practices, processes, and technologies intended to protect devices, networks, programs, and data from attacks and unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity not only protects the data but it also protects the sources that provide us with the data. A part of cybersecurity will also protect the Information and communications technology (ICT).

Information Security

when data is interpreted and has some meaning to it or given some meaning to it is called information. Information security is more about protecting the information and looking out for bit’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability aspects of the information.

The center for cyber and information technology defines information security as the process of protecting information as well as information systems against unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, destruction, modification, or use, all for offering confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These three terms are defined as follows:

  • Confidentiality: Refers to when there are certain restrictions on the access and disclosure of some information, which will also include a means to protect the privacy policy as well as proprietary information.
  • Integrity: Refers to defense against inappropriate use of information or it’s destruction or modification according to your use.
  • Availability: Refers to ensuring that the information is reliable and accessible.

Key differences between cybersecurity and information security

1. Definition

Cybersecurity is protecting data, it’s related technologies, and information storage sources from threats. Whereas, information security is protecting the information from unauthorized access that can lead to the removal or modification of that information.

Cybersecurity is about the cyber realm and data associated with it and on the other hand, information security focuses completely on the information.

2. Domain

Cybersecurity means to protect anything and everything that is present in the cyber realm, such as data, information, or devices and technologies associated with the aforementioned. Information security, on the other hand, deals with protecting both forms of information — digital and analog — regardless of the realm.

Protecting social media profiles and personal information across the cyber realm is associated with cybersecurity. Information security, contrarily, deals specifically with information assets, availability, and integrity confidentiality.

3. Process

Cybersecurity is mainly about cyberspace and preventing cyberattacks whereas information security protects all kinds of information from any form of threat or avert a threatening scenario.

4. Professionals

Professionals involved with information security forms the foundation of data security. These professionals prioritize resources before dealing with threats. Cybersecurity professionals deal specifically with advanced persistent threats.

5. Protection

Cybersecurity deals with all kinds of threats against cyberspace whereas information security deals with protecting the information only.

Cybersecurity deals with cyber crimes, cyber frauds and law enforcement. Disclosure modification, and disruption are the two most important things that information security deals with.

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