Graphic Designing
Different types of graphic designing

Different types of graphic designing

You should know why graphic designing is important for anything you do. Graphic designing is not easy and it takes skills to develop something attractive and strong enough to catch the visitor’s attention.

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In this blog, I will work on the different types of graphic designs that are used globally. Designs usually involve typography, colors, layout, and composition.

hence, Here are the 7 types of graphic designs that are most commonly used amongst graphic designers:

1. Advertising graphic designing

Marketers and advertisers are nothing without their graphic designers. Designing and advertising their businesses is in the hands of a graphic designer, things as small as a brochure, business cards, and their large projects like marketing campaigns are in the hands of a designer.

Visuals are important and these designers keep them in mind. What do their clients want and how they will decide to be a part of your business. A professional will know and get your customer’s or clients’ attention in seconds.

These types of designers use mediums to meet the requirements. Social media marketing, email templates, and content marketing are some of the things they take care of.

2. Environmental graphic designing

Environmental graphic designers try to connect people with places they visit by using their graphical skills. They try to combine graphics with architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design.

They are able to connect with the person’s experience. By using the best of designs they try to make it more memorable, innovative, and easier to navigate.

Collection of architectural landmarks around the world watercolor illustration

Environmental designers include

  • Signage
  • Office Branding
  • Murals
  • Stadium Branding
  • Exhibitions
  • Event Spaces 

3. Publication designing

Publication design includes printing like books, magazines, newspapers etc. They have to make sure to make the cover of a book or a magazine and easily sellable. Because we do judge a book by it’s cover.

It includes elements of art such as color, typography, and space. On a digital platform, they design e-books, email newsletters, magazine layouts, catalogs, etc.

Isometric landing page online reading or e-book flat concept. Online education or distance training and learning process for website or homepage. Isometric vector illustration template.

4. Motion Designing

You might not know what is motion designing? A graphic designer will know and will give you their best in it. Motion design is the generation of pieces of digital graphics, which create the illusion of motion or rotation.

It is less difficult than the name suggests it to be. The uses of motion designing are done mainly in movies, television shows or news production.

Some of the examples of motion designing are gifs, video games, apps, animated texts, ads, etc.

5. Corporate Design

It is utilized by the corporate people to express a relationship between the customer and the brand. The visual elements are used as the face of a company, they include the colors, symbols, textures, and imagery which express certain feelings.

A graphic designer’s purpose is to create such designs that they can connect with the customer’s mentally, and they have to match the level of purpose for everyone while they are in the corporate designing.

They have to keep the consistency too because people can only recognize something they understand and connect well with.

6. Web design

We look at different websites every day, right? And how do we judge a website? Their logo, colors, fonts, movements, and what are they selling are the topmost things that we look at and decide to stay. And now imagine, your website is as simple as it gets and you have no such illustrations that will make the customer stay, you are lost with no traffic.

You only have 8 seconds to catch the attention of a customer and you really need to make it count. Everything that you use in terms of graphics for your website should be on top of the market if you want the attention of a customer.

You need to create an interface for your website to create a good front-end page for your website. They are called web designers.

7. Packaging designing

When you enter a store you see each product has some kind of packaging. This is the way that the company uses to connect with their customers. It is to connect with the customer on a mental and emotional level.

The packaging of a product adds to the typography, colors, shapes of the package. By using a good packaging strategy the company tries to communicate with the customer.

Retail, makeup, and food packaging design are just a few of the countless industries where this style of design is a valuable marketing tool.

This is only the beginning of the vast and wide graphic designs that are widely used around the world.


In conclusion, we can see that these are the common graphic designs used by businesses. Graphic designing is no child’s play and it is nothing but a problem in the hands of an unprofessional.

You have to connect with the customer if you want to sell your products. You need to get visibility in the market.

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