Do we need any consultations before opening up a startup?

Do we need any consultations before opening up a startup?

Yes, can you take a medicine without consulting the doctor? No. So, how do you plan on setting a startup online without any help from experts?

Consulting us on certain topics like :

Is a website important for online business?

Do you send out flyers of your offline business without opening an office? No, right? Or do you? Okay, jokes apart it is really important to have a website if you’re ready to set online business. Your website will be an office to the customers which they can visit from home or from any location. You should be able to develop a website which is perfect in the context of graphics, writing, security, seo, digital or social media marketing ec. We will discuss this more in detail but for now to answer the question, yes a website is very important to how what you do and what your business deals in. It will be a great help for the people visiting you or giving a thought of visiting you even personally.

What is SEO? How do we make a SEO friendly website?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is when you use free, Organic, editorial and easy words that are on top of google searches.A SEO friendly website will be a hit once it is in the sight of people.

A SEO friendly website is made when your keywords are healthy and are easy to search online. For eg. Our website is Team Jugadu, Jugad is a famous and SEO friendly word in a country like India. So, naming your website such that it appears on the first page of google is difficult but not impossible. You can hire a professional who is going to help you with SEO friendly keywords.

How important is digital marketing for my website?

Digital marketing is not only putting out advertisements online but it is much more. Digital marketing will include day to day analysis of the visitors you get on your website and the analysis of your brand and website too. Digital marketing ensures a lot of things that you have to take care of if you are doing online business. You will have to run paid ads on google or other websites. It also includes email marketing where you have to auto generate emails to let people know about your business. Targeting audience is the most important because a certain number of people will take part in your business. Eg. A guy will have no interest in any cosmetology website, so you need to target girls between the age of 18-30 years to give a great sale of your products. Consultation will clear out more of your doubts, this is just a gist of what digital marketing is and why is it important.

How do I design an attractive website?

 We need a good looking, making people stay website, right? Graphic Designing is no piece of cake and someone who has minimal or zero knowledge of it will design something, a kindergartener can do. A graphic designer will know what should be the equation of designing a logo, what colors to choose from and how. You cannot just design something and expect it to grow, right?

A professional will know the spacing, color composition, symmetry, layout, human factors, logo designs, unity, variety etc. is something you will need to consult about before going to design a website.

How do I socially tell people about my business?

Social Media is the concern of almost everyone, right? A social media marketer will tell you what a great response you can have on social media for your business, especially when it’s a startup. You should have social media accounts on facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc. and they will help youngsters to know about your startup. Posting daily updates about what your company is upto is an integral part of being on social media. You can target a specific gender or a specific age group on social media in order to call out a large number of audience. Every social platform is useful in their own way to target audience. You should be on every social media platform.

It’s just a startup, why do I need security? I will tell you why?

Entrepreneurs who think they have just started a business and no one can hack their websites are wrong. You Are the most easy targets for a hacker because you have no access to any kind of security options. Why do you think security is important? Because the hackers are mostly your competitors who do not want to see you grow and they don’t want your information or anything that you have put up on the website but they will hack into automated replies and will send spam messages about your website in order to take you down and create a jeopardy for your business. This is just one example of what hackers want to do by hacking into your system they can go to any extend to destroy what you’re building. Put it a block of security options while building your business.

How do I choose a good domain name?

A good and successful domain name does not com in handy. A domain should be re presentable enough that the name only tells what your company is about. For eg. Your business dealing in wedding should be related to weddings and not about flowers. Your name should be able to tell whether it is a wedding planning site or a matrimonial or just an inter mediator between the client and banquets, caterers, decorators etc. You will have to research a lot before setting onto a domain.

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What is AMC?

AMC is the Annual Maintenance Contract that we will have with you only if you want to. In this we will take complete responsibility of yourwebsite luke updating new content, digital and social marketing and every other service that we discussed with you. Technology upgradation and whatnot. But getting an AMC is totally a choice, if you can do all of the updations at home you are most welcome.


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