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Domain names and coronavirus

When did coronavirus come into existence? In 2019, obviously that’s why we call it COVID’19, isn’t it? COVID’19 is a very famous name right now and the most used domain name too.

I am going to cover up all the services that our company provides and relate it to the benefits we can get during the coronavirus pandemic. So, you are going to have to sit back and be patient.

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Before declaring it a pandemic or a time which everyone will remember, Coronavirus was a joke. But we are here to talk how the pandemic will help your business to grow but only if you are online.

In March 2020, when the cases began to grow and we were in a lockdown for months, still hurts though. What most domain registering companies noticed was that the domain sale doubled up during the lockdown.

And most of the names that were registered were under the name of COVID’19. And it’s synonyms. Daily registrations were more than 4,000 a day in March 2020.

More than 1,00,000 domain registrations have been on the name of COVID some were official by the purpose of government and some were with company purpose like or etc.

Is the coronavirus pandemic all good and jolly?

Obviously not. COVID’19 could be anything but it was not good or jolly. Oh no I just remembered a moment from the lockdown. So, there are always people who take advantage of a bad situation. Do you remember the owner of a food corner selling groceries in his shop? Or that cosmetics owner selling masks and sanitizers?

Every single person who could took advantage of the pandemic and in domain names too. How?

Now, I will tell you how the domain names were used up to the advantages to do frauds. Certain domain companies after a while had to block the registration of the domain names related to the coronavirus. Why? Because people were using the names to do cyber frauds.


Now you might be thinking why cyber frauds? What else are they supposed to do sitting at home and make money off people’s hard work? We could see a rapid increase in the number of cyber frauds after the lockdown.

People were registering themselves under the name of COVID’19, coronavirus or virus were selling fake masks and sanitizers, keeping in mind the shortage we had to face of the supplies, people in panic were buying off products that were made available to them

This is why the registrations under this name were not accepted after sometime of it.

Coronavirus related frauds are more in number than they used to be or should be but as we all know and say, people who are supposed to take advantage out of something will do it even if it is out of your dead body. Sorry for the phrase but it’s true.


SO, if you are not going to do any kind of fraud you should try and go for the names related to COVID’19. Be careful of any kinds od frauds that can and will happen if your website is not secured. Yeah, we provide that too. Read here about the cyber security and why it is important for your online business: