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Essential tips to do your SEO

Essential tips to do your SEO

today in this article we will be discussing Essential tips to do your SEO
We all know what Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is and how to do it but you might make some mistakes while doing the SEO for your website, blog, or anything. You need to avoid those mistakes if you want to achieve the SEO for your website.

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Businesses that are new and need to grow should have higher knowledge of what SEO is and how to do it. We need consultancy too to know what mistakes to avoid.

1. Commit yourself to the process

SEO is a strong procedure where you cannot just do it once and stop, you need to keep doing it now matter what. You also need to follow the process according to the rules that are there in the market.

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Group of Business people giving thumbs up gesture of approval an success, huddle together, showing unity and teamwork at office.

2. Be patient

SEO can be anything but it is not an instant process, whatever you do it takes time. SEO will take time to reach but once you wait for it to show results you will be happy. Businesses that are new online will take time to grow.

be patient for seo

3. Ask questions

You cannot give your project to a company and ask no questions, don’t do that. You have every right to ask a lot of questions to the people you are giving your project too.

Ask everything about what tactics you will use to do their SEO and how will they get a report about the results and everything you have in your mind.

ask question how thing work in seo

4. Have web analytics placed in the start

You need to have a web analytics software installed in the starting because you need to know what’s working and what’s not.

web analytics for seo

5. Build a good website

Everybody wants to top the search results on google, right? But you need ask yourself are you there? and if not, what is stopping you? Whatever it is, make it better for your business.

build a good website for seo

6. Make SEO friendly URL’s

You need to do a keyword research before doing anything. Use keywords that are SEO friendly on your website, links and everything that you post on your website if you want to get on top in less amount of time. Still you need to take your time and give it some time, it maybe a slow process but it is very helpful.

make seo friendly URL's

7. Use unique, relevant titles and meta description on every page

You need to be very wise while choosing what you write as your title for the pages. 90% of the people that are browsing through the internet, read your title first and then open the article. Make it strong.

relevant titles and meta description for seo

8. Content creation

You need to have unique and engaging content if you want people to check you out. If your content isn’t stop and open great, you will be lost. Google search results for a particular service, product or anything you search for is endless and if you don’t do good content, you will be in the end.

Hence, Content.

content creation
People with digital content creation concept

9. Start writing a blog

A blog is a must if you have a website, you need to post content regularly because people need to know about the work you are doing and what is it that you are doing different from others.

Also, you need to get in touch with other companies that are writing blogs because this way you get new links with companies serving better. As a result, you will be in the eyes of others.

blog writing

10. Use Social Media Marketing

Writing a blog or having a website isn’t going to help, you need to advertise your website as much as you can because it is important. If you are not marketing your website properly, people will not know about it and you will get in trouble for that.

Social Media is the best way to advertise your business because you know what is the first thing that we check in the morning?

social for seo


SEO is the best way and easiest way possible to get traffic on your website. You need help with the SEO of your website, you can hire a professional because this isn’t something that you do wrong and get results! therefore now you get an idea about Essential tips to do your SEO

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