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How to choose a domain name?

How to choose a domain name?

What is a Domain Name? 

A domain name is the name you choose for your business, this is something you need to think carefully because it is not just a name but the face of you company. Your domain name is going to represent you whole work. For eg. Team Jugadu represents that our team will give you the right answer to all the questions you have. 

Domain names and internet concept

Why is a Domain important? 

A domain is important because it will be a source to your website and SEO. Domain is important at its own place but it will be the life support your website needs.

A good domain can be a lot but a bad one can destroy everything.

Follow these steps while choosing a Domain name and you will be good to go:

STEP 1 –  SEO friendly Domain name

While choosing a domain name, you need to go for a name that is SEO friendly as in the word should be used most on the internet. The word should appear on top when someone searches for something relating to it. Eg. The name Gymnasim would be a good name for a  website because a person who is searching for body fitness tips he would probably search o gyming tricks and this word be on top. A domain name should be as such that it appears on top results when searched. 

STEP 2 – Ways to choose the right name

There are a lot of things you need to take care of while choosing  domain for your website. You cannot choose anything you like or a name that just sounds nice but is actually unprofessional, long, difficult to pronounce and difficult to search. 

These are some ways to choose a domain for your website : 

  • Easy to spell

Your domain name should be easy to spell. Why? Would you like to search for a website that isn’t easy to spell or write? NO, thought so. A domain should be easy so that the person can remember the name of your website can spell out it to other person too. 

  • Easy to pronounce

           A domain that is easy to spell is something a person can easily imprint on their mind. A name that is easy to pronounce is the name people will talk about the most. 

  • Professional and not a cutesy

We all like names that sound cute and attract the most crowd but is this the truth for business? People in online businesses know this better than anybody that a cute name sounds good only when pronounced, this will be a major downfall to those who are in for a long run. Try to be more professional with your domain name because it will be the face of your business which is hopefully or you, the most important thing. 

  • Easy to memorise

            A domain should be easy to memorise, if it can be easily memorized a customer will remember it for long and even suggest your website name to other customers in need of the same service. 

STEP 3 – Domain should be representable

Your domain name should be representable, it should be able to tell the other person that your company is about. If it is the opposite of what you do it will never be a success. You cannot name your website and work on it about flowers. Just an example I hope nobody does that. So, your domain should tell people what you deal in. Wedding websites should tell that they deal in weddings. 

STEP 4 – Things to avoid while choosing a domain name

There are certain things that you need to avoid while choosing a domain name. You should not use numerics in your website name because if you are to take your business international it will be a trouble for you in the future. You should also avoid using hyphens or any sort of signs because it then makes it difficult for the customer to search for you online. A simple word to word domain is the best and SEO friendly too. Do not use double letters and put your customers in jeopardy of having a rouble searching your name. Eg. Press Setup difficult, isn’t it? 

STEP 5 – Leave room to expand

Why do we have to leave room for anything? Because in case after a year or so you will feel that this thing is going really well and I can deal with this too, it will be a problem then. You are gonna have to buy a new domain and register yourself. It will be a trouble to expand once your domain is only according to your current business. Eg. A company dealing in orchids or flowers in case will name their website or something like this for that matter but you decide you want to sell pots or stems after a year then the customer will never get an idea knowing your website name that you sell pots and stems too. 

STEP 6 – Research your domain name

You need to understand and research your domain name in order to reach the right kind of face for your business. Researching would include checking the availability of the name you want to go for. You can search social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. to get an answer. Check for the trademark of the domain you want to take. Research would help you now and save you the trouble. 

Get a great name for your website. Hope this helped!

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