Indian IT companies and the Coronavirus crisis

We are witnessing the biggest crisis as of now, fighting the unstoppable spread of Coronavirus. Which does not have any cure, only precautions for now.

The IT sector of our country has crowned itself to contribute more to the economy of our than anything else for the past two decades.

We all know and are well aware of the fact that the virus will cause our businesses personally and economically a lot of problems. So, to at least save us from personal troubles here are some options to keep on operating online in this time of struggle:

Work from home but assuring security

No one, No one is going to resist the idea of work from home now, or will they? Just kidding.

Every company and even clients are okay with the work from home (WFH) factor now amidst the Coronavirus outbreak that the whole country is fighting by being indoors.

We also need to make sure about the possible threats and cyber security breached that will take place in large numbers now that we are working from home. So, to take care of the attacks and everything else, we are good too in ways.

Increase in investments on collaboration tools

IT companies are now trying to provide all that is needed to work from home without any interruptions.

As the virtual and remote working becomes a new reality, customers and IT companies are expected to invest significantly on the latest collaboration tools and embracing of new technologies such as 5G networks.

This should provide an effective and productive delivery model for Indian IT companies.

New projects on cloud and digitisation

This might be the right time to go all Digital India, right? Clients now have access to all the digitals, they can share their projects on it to avoid human touch points.

This is a great way to increase IT opportunities for our country.

More investment on robotics and autonomation

Customers may initiate plans to invest heavily on automating their back office and IT operations to reduce dependency on manual interventions.

This may have some negative impact on commodity business for Indian IT companies.

However, they can focus on grabbing new automation projects to offset the impact.

Pushed for local presence

You may now see customers asking for you too increase local presence near them.

It would be good for your business to open up offices in certain areas for the benefits of hard times.

Indian IT companies need to come up with some strategy soon enough.

Consolidation for vendors and potential for new partnerships

Now there might be some consolidation for vendors because small vendors had their own limits due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Indian IT companies with their track record will be of major benefits of any such initiatives.

Our IT companies should also be open for striking new partnerships and. SAlliances with local firms to increase possibility of such consolidation deals.

IT industry is built on strong fundamentals and has all the required resilience to absorb the shocks of corona crisis.

Hence any setbacks due to current situation is going to be temporary and the industry should be able to come back on track rather quickly.

The value and benefits provided by Indian IT across the globe have been immense and it will continue to play the same key role in Post-Corona phase.

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