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Meaning of the word ‘Jugaad’

Meaning of the word ‘Jugaad’

The meaning of the word ‘Jugaad’ as per Indians is when there is lack of resources but this is not true and this is only for people who live in rural areas.

The word ‘Jugaad’ is an idea which is highly rated and something that uses special skills. The abbreviation for the word is ‘Jugaad’ is the Justified Guideline to Achieve the desired state.

Jugadu is a person who knows how to take out a solution out of resources that are limited but the product you are creating is affordable.

When you create something different as a jugaad, you are focusing on these things:

1. Frugality

Frugality is when you are able to conserve the resources that others think is waste and has no use anymore. A person who has skills and someone who has very high knowledge of technology can create something.

2. Flexibility

Isn’t it really flexible when you have to create something yourself? You can use all your innovation in a piece. Think of it as a task, where you have an idea that nio one has but you have limited resources.

You can use your deep knowledge and experience to create a prototype of something that maybe no one has. You can get a lot of benefit in the market with something like this. be flexible with your ideas.

3. Generates breakthrough growth

Being a start up is hard and especially when you are selling what is already there in the market. You will grow in the market if you are selling something that is not there in the market, something that is ground breaking.

Why is Amazon better than flipkart? They both are online shopping sites. Answer this and you will get an answer to what you need to do different.

A jugaad isn’t something you create that is affordable but the quality isn’t something that the customer wants. While making a product that is put out of less resources and is affordable and sustainable too, you really need to make sure about the quality.

You need to serve your customers what they deserve because let’s face the truth, they are paying for it.

A lot of people think, that if we are doing a jugaad, it might be short term but this is not true. A jugaad, technology-wise is always long term. Do you see technology running out of fashion with time?

We are not talking about clothes or jewellery designs but technology. There is advancement in our technology, right? but it still doesn’t run out even after decades. There must be something that is a decade old you are using.

It may not be same anymore but we have updated some of the things in the platform. But the job is still the same, isn’t it? Is whatsapp with the advancement in it’s technology now a shopping site too?

Resources that are needed and that will lead to an innovation:

1. Thrif not waste.

The first factor that will promote frugality is when you do not think that the resources are a waste nd try to create something out of it.

This will also promote the flexibility of your ideas.

2. Inclusion, not exclusion.

This rule will let people meet with the entrepreneurial organizations so that they get more connections with people.

You need to include yourself in a away that you are able to know about the demands of customers, buyers, sellers etc. in the market.

3. Participating rather than being commanding and controlling

A good team leader will aprticpate in plotting out ideas abpout their companies work rather than just commanding on what to do and what not to do.

If you are able to connect with your employees in a way that they feel free to share their ideas and strategies that will help your company grow, you have been a successful leader.

4. Flexible thinking and action, not linear planning.

This rule provides the employees with a flexibility in their thinking patterns according to the availability of resources and the ideas they have about certain things.

A Jugaad practicing company is not stuck on one business type or technology but they keep a handful of options.

Jugaad innovators are problem solvers, technically. Because they are able to create solutions that have no solution or something that has limited resources and is thought to be a waste.

To be a Jugadu (Someone that can find you a solution) you need to be highly skilled and you need to have the best of knowledge to create a platform where your technology will run and generate you revenue.

A jugadu, no doubt has an out of the box creative thinking process.

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