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Online Business Trust Issues

Having an online business is one thing and winning the trust of your customers is other thing.Winning the trust of customers is the second most important thing for your business, first being your online presence. If you don’t have an online presence you have already lost some percent of trust of your customers. When they want to know about you or your product there is simply no way so you just lost your potential customers. First get your business an online platform. Contact team jugadu for this purpose.

Once you have your online presence you need to know your customers and their trust issue.Have a look at some of the trust issues that may be associated with your business.

Bad Website

This includes the first impression of your website. If your website is not appealing and prompting, visitors tend to miss-trust you. Your website should provide true and complete information about the product or services you deliver.

A bad website is like a disaster. It can destroy the reputation of your business in one click.So, be wise in selecting the content and design of your website. Contact the team of professionals for a professional looking website

Lots of Pop ups in your Website

This disturbs and distracts your customers. A website with lots of pop up ads looks like a fake website. It does hamper the productivity of your website. Also people will just bounce back from your website and this leads to lowering your ranking in searches. So make sure to get a balanced website.

High Reloading time of Website

The reloading time of a website plays a crucial role in winning the trust of visitors. It does not have a direct impact on trust issues but still, indirectly it affects a lot.

In a study done by Akamai, about half of web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less. If it isn’t loaded within three seconds, those users tend to abandon the site.

So if your website has high reloading time then people will not even visit your website and the question of trust will be uncertain.

No or Very few Customer Reviews

The product reviews is the most important information about a product. Whatsoever you write about your product if it does not have so many positive ratings and reviews then people will not buy it. No reviews are like an initial threat to the visitors. Its like ‘nobody buys it so why should you?’ Reviews are the experiences of your own customers put into words. Visitors to your website will trust the reviews more that what you say.

So if you want to improve and grow, you have to have a product review section in your website. It helps your existing customers to trust you more and gives confident to your potential customers to be your customers.

No way to Connect

In your website some important connections should be provided. It includes the customer care numbers, auto reply emails, chat bots, help and FAQs, one click connect to whats-app etc. If there are no ways to connect then it’s a huge mistrust on your brand.

No Responsive Website

A website having responsive design has a great chance to get higher ranking on Google and other search engines. Responsive websites means it is both desktop and mobile friendly. 40% of web users discard a result if a non-responsive website pops up in a search engine query. It means you need to make your site responsive if you want to drive more potential visitors across the web.

Activity on Social Media

Social media is a way to drive customers and their trust. People of all age groups are on social media. It’s a community where they talk about their experiences.

You should be actively available on social media. For this you can post about your product , its benefits, new updates, new types, user reviews, compliments, pricing, delivery or mere facts about the product. When it appears on social media people know about it. They ask about it. Also, people are free to post comments on social media and it is very effective in building trust.  

Less Information in your website

Being mysterious doesn’t always work; may suit your personality but unhealthy for your website. You website should provide complete information about the product and services you offer. It includes the terms and conditions, return and replacement policy, cash on delivery information etc. Being mysterious about the product you sell, arise mistrust. Your website should be an open book.

Payment Gateways

Secure methods of payment should be provided these includes RAZORPAY, JUSPAY. Also payment through different wallets like Google pay, paytm, PhonePe etc should be allowed. Cash on delivery option should also be an option as most of the people prefer it.

So, different kinds of payment methods increase trust in your website.

These were the trust issues customers may experience. For more information and assistance visit our official website click here .