Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is using free, organic, editorial words that help your website appear in top search results.

Your SEO should be easily accessible to your visitors if you need traffic for your website.

For eg., Team Jugadu is easy and flexible to search on google. A visitor looking for a jugaad for their online business will easily get access to our website.

A SEO friendly domain name is very important because if google does not show your website on the first page, it is buried somewhere.

Importance of SEO

A good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will always be sweet and not sour. People are always online, they are looking for something or the other every second of the day and to appear in those millions of google results you need to go SEO- friendly.

Do you know how many people search for different things on google everyday? More than 3.5 million. SEO will help build your reputation in the online marketing business.

Okay, people are online and looking for your business and if your website isn’t SEO rich, you are losing more than a million of customers every minute. For eg., You search for ‘I want to buy a phone’, you will get results for the best phones. And you will also have results for online phone selling sites.

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will bring your website heavy traffic. Google is looking for relevant and high intent information matching the searcher’s query.

As a result, if your website or anything you post online for business purposes does not match google’s algorithm, sorry but you are lost and not meant to be found.

1.Keyword Research

Your keyword research is the most important in SEO because you have to use keywords or phrases that people are looking for. You understand your business of cosmetics, but searchers will use easy and flexible keywords while browsing. So, here you have to take care of what keywords to use to get on top.

The best keyword research tool is the Google Keyword Planner, although you will need an active google ad – Google AdWords to get the most relevant data.

2.Know your competition

You should keep a check on what others are doing and how are they doing it. If you are keeping a good eye on your competitors, you will know where you are lacking behind.

You should know what are they doing better? Themes that they are using? What kind of content do they write? What interesting features are they using to engage customers? And much more things that should be under your observation.

Also, study their results, reviews and activities on social media too.

Business competitions

3.Plan and understand your site

You need to understand what consumers want and what keywords they use to find certain products or services, so that your website reaches them.

Having a list of all the top-mid-low rated websites is a good way for you to create a basis of your own website. Creating the pages for your website i9s the hard part but you need to be very careful while optimizing your website.

Any website should be mobile friendly because according to google, most of the searches that happen around the world are done through smartphones, so know your work.

4.Post content regularly

Do you know how many blogs are posted everyday? About 2 million  blogs are there on wordpress i.e. 24 blogs in a second. This fact is only to let you know how much trouble you can be in if you do not post content regularly.

You can schedule your content updates weekly or monthly but be consistent about your work. Consistency is key, you know.

Content does not necessarily mean texts but you can also post images with small captions or descriptions about your business. Posting short content is easy to read, memorable especially for a visitor who is looking at 100 results providing same services.

5.Build your social media network

Join as much social media networks you can because social media nowadays is the best way to boost your business.

You may choose facebook, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, twitter and many more networks to improve your content visibility. Social Media allows you to build a relationship with your customers and offers an audience to show your content.

Understanding and nurturing these relations will your SEO in the long run. Increasing the exposure of your content will help others to link with it or blog about it.

Social Media Marketing

6.Read an SEO blog

Before you start working on SEO, you need to know what is it? How do we work on SEO? What are the options?

Search on Google for a beginners guide to SEO or a Guide to SEO. You can learn, improve and get the best results out of it.

7.Study your results

You need to study, observe and analyze what you are doing and how you are doing. You really need to know what are the results and what kind of audience is being targeted. Is it beneficial or is it of no use to you?

You can use Google Analytics to optimize your work. In order to make the required changes that can boost your website traffic.


Now, you might have a fair idea of how important SEO is and how you should boost your SEO performance to get your business going. Once you understand how to use SEO, you will be able to boost everywhere.

Hope you have a great time doing SEO for your business!

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