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Social Media Marketing during the COVID’19 Outbreak

Social Media Marketing during the COVID’19 Outbreak

You might be thinking that why do we have to discuss about the virus all the time? What else is left in our lives? Masks and Sanitizers with a pair of gloves.

Coronavirus will not leave our minds and hearts easily because everyone will remember how much we lost during the pandemic and things we gained i.e. Nothing.

When you are right there sitting at your home, scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook feed you will see that the engagement rate has increased more than ever.

The frequency with which people are posting on Social Networks has gone way up. A major hit of 70% was seen on Social media when the pandemic destroyed our lives.

1. Less posting leads and more engagement rates

One thing that the pandemic did for us and our marketing business is engagement rates. More than 1500+ companies were observed on social media to be doing very good during the pandemic.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the leading platforms with the most engagement rate and where people are going more live than ever. The engagement rate is not only touching heights but it is touching skies.

Although it was observed that the rate was really down in March 2020 but took a rapid increase in the first week of 2020 when you know, we knew it’s going to be long and tough.

2. Coronavirus has been kind to Social Media

Say thanks to COVID’19 for being kind to atleast one thing- Social Media. When you have nothing to do, like absolutely nothing. What do you do? do you stare at the wall or do you just scroll your feed? Second one. I knew it.

During this 3 month long lock down when you were stuck at home, not only you but everyone was scrolling there feed and it made the engagement rate go much higher than ever.

The paid ads that you run on instagram or facebook are usually skipped by people but the lockdown made them open it and know more about people. When you are bored, don’t you do things that you don’t relate to? Suppose you are in the technical field but you are bored and you started reading Wordsworth. Funny?

This is what truly happened for people in online businesses. They went from this to that and from that to this, reading about different things and exploring fields that are not theirs.

The main reason had to do with the quality of the posts that were being targeted. This happened because marketers are now completely aware of the fact that customers have a lot of time in their hands to scrutinize through the details.

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