SWOT Analysis for your Business

What is SWOT? SWOT analysis is a marketing technique for businesses to identify the STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, and THREATS of your business. It is a process of creating a strong business strategy in order to generate maximum growth for your business. Why SWOT Analysis is important? This process forces you to look at your business strategy from every possible angle. […]

How to Make Your Business the Most Obvious Choice for Customers ?

Today, it’s no longer just about owning a business it’s more about the art of finding customers for your business to help it be successful. It’s also about the art of making your business as productive as possible. Now start working smarter, not harder What? Whatever business you start there are competitors. They also offer products or services comparable to […]

Online Business Trust Issues

Having an online business is one thing and winning the trust of your customers is other thing.Winning the trust of customers is the second most important thing for your business, first being your online presence. If you don’t have an online presence you have already lost some percent of trust of your customers. When they want to know about you […]

Major Business Crises

Crisis refers to sudden unplanned events that cause major disturbances in the organization and trigger a feeling of fear and threat amongst the employees as well as to the business. If they going to face the loss or not  It is something that could occur suddenly nobody knows when it will come all we can do is preparing so that […]

Business ideas to try in 2020

We will need great business ideas to try out now seeing the current situation due to Coronavirus. Due to this, more than 3,00,000 people in our country are unemployed and god knows what they will do in future. Unemployed people are looking for business ideas to follow. But you can always look up to the e-commerce business. And here are […]

Types of websites and how to design them

There is no single option or anything anymore, is there? There are around 1.7 million websites that are live and you don’t know how and what to choose. We have different types of websites and ways to design them. Follow my blog on the types of websites and how should you design them. Also, read my blog on https://www.teamjugadu.com/blog/8-highly-effective-web-design-to-take-care-of-in-2020/ and […]

What is a domain name?

A domain name is how you want your website to look online. It is the unique address you use on the internet as long as you pay the annual charges for the .com domain. Read my blog on how to choose a domain name, click the link below: https://www.teamjugadu.com/blog/how-to-choose-a-domain-name/ Tips on how to choose a domain name: 1. Go for […]

Meaning of the word ‘Jugaad’

The meaning of the word ‘Jugaad’ as per Indians is when there is lack of resources but this is not true and this is only for people who live in rural areas. The word ‘Jugaad’ is an idea which is highly rated and something that uses special skills. The abbreviation for the word is ‘Jugaad’ is the Justified Guideline to […]