Types of websites and how to design them

There is no single option or anything anymore, is there? There are around 1.7 million websites that are live and you don’t know how and what to choose. We have different types of websites and ways to design them. Follow my blog on the types of websites and how should you design them. Also, read my blog on https://www.teamjugadu.com/blog/8-highly-effective-web-design-to-take-care-of-in-2020/ and […]

What is it that we do different?

Team Jugadu is a platform where we provide all the website development services and we not only give you the benefit of a website but our team will help you develop an omnipresence. https://teamjugadu.com/web-omnipresence Check this link out to know what is web omnipresence and what do we do in that. Web Omnipresence is a concept in which we help […]

What is the meaning of Jugadu?

What is a jugaad? Jugadu is the most used word especially in a country like India, right? Now do we know what Jugadu really means? We think the meaning of Jugadu is a short term way of doing things that last only for sometime but let’s face the truth, shall we? A Jugaad is when we find solutions to problems […]