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Website Development – Easy or Troublesome?

Website Development – Easy or Troublesome?

In this article we are going to discuss is Website Development – Easy or Troublesome in very detail so the full article.

What is a Website?

what is website development

A website is an online office for any business. It is a way to showcase your business sitting at home. A website is harder to develop than it looks like. It is a complete package of designing, content, coding, SEO, marketing is everywhere, the security of the website, and much more. A website that is not secure is an invitation to the hacker to come and hack your website. There are no terms and conditions that say that website is only for large group businesses you can make a website and manage it alone also.  

Before starting the work on your website hunt all the information you will need to make a successful website, which isn’t easy by the way: Gathering information :

Know your purpose website Development

You should have a clear idea in your head about why you want to make this website. The purpose will drive you to have complete access of the designs, content, how you want to advertise your website socially or digitally. It will be an answer to a lot of questions.

Achieving your goals

A purposeful website will help you achieve the goals that you mean to with the help of a website. Your goal should be a website that gives a complete idea about your services and tells customers how to contact you or how to set up a meeting with you.

Targeting the right audience

The right audience for the right job is the only way to get traffic on your website. If you target a large group of people who like fashion websites but your website doesn’t serve the purpose well you will lose your audience in an hour which is going to be a trouble for your startup, isn’t it?

Planning :

Make a sitemap

make a sitemap

A sitemap of a website is something which is important if you have certain pages on your website. A sitemap is something where you have all the links attached to all the pages that you have on your website. The files that will have their page links in it will also have the links of all the images, videos, posts, or anything, where a link can be generated, will be put up in that file.

Wireframe of the website

A wireframe is basically planning out how your whole website will be made. It is placing your ion, symbols, bars, header, footer and everything that will be included in a website should be on your mind in a way that when you sit and code, you know what to place where.

wireframe of the website

Designing the website

designing of website

1.Pages of the website

The layout of the page i an important. You need to know how your front page will look like because it will represent the whole outlook of your business. The first page of your website is the page that will help the customer decide if it is worth to go further and heck the whole website. The images that you choose should be attractive because it is going to show what your deals are. The images will make the customers stay.

2.Content writing and assembling the material

After you design the layout of the pages and insert the images, you need to focus on the content of the website. It should be attractive and short that makes people stay and read the whole article or paragraph. A website that has jingles as their slogans or the criteria is a website that sells. Try to make the work on your website as good as possible in terms of graphics and content. This is what will make the people stay on your website, Trust me!

3. SEO Friendly

SEO will always be in the long run of the content. Your website should be SEO friendly in order to be on top if a person is searching for you business related work.

seo friendly

4. Coding

Coding your website will include putting out special features like sliders or any kind of animation that you want to see on your website. You can handover your website to a professional if you cannot work on it the way you want to.

5.Testing, Review and Launch

Test the working of your website, the speed and all the animations or sliders that you wanted on your website to work. Review the content and the designing of your website and set it to launch.

  •  Maintenance

Once you launch your website you cannot leave it as it is, you are gonna have to maintain it from time to time. Fixing the bug, updating new content on your website and maybe putting up different offers or sales according to the season. Maintain it and you will be good to go.                                                              


I hope now you know full detail about Website Development – Easy or Troublesome

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