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What is a domain name?

What is a domain name?

A domain name is how you want your website to look online. It is the unique address you use on the internet as long as you pay the annual charges for the .com domain.

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Tips on how to choose a domain name:

1. Go for uniqueness

Deciding on what you will call your website is difficult and an important task too. When you have to market yourself online, you can use your name as the name of your website. You can go for your first name and last name like or

Do a wide search on whether your business name ( is available or not. You can go through google to search for it. Also, don’t use names that are plural or are already misspelled on the internet.

2. Storm your ideas

You cannot just keep your hand on a name and get it. It takes time and efforts to choose a good, easy and memorable name for your website. Something that will represent you completely online.

You can look for different phrases and words that match the idea of your business, take out a paper and write all of them. Then you can mix and match all the words and choose what looks best to you.

3. Start with .com first

Up tp 75% of all websites use .com first because it is certainly easy to remember for people. You should go for your first preferred choice of name and if it is not available go for the second choice.

Remember that some browsers accept address-only entries in their address bar. If you type just the domain name (and who knows how many of your users will just do that?) they will return, by default, to the “.com” site.

4. Make it brandable!

Your domain name should be able to speak for itself. Your domain should be as such that when a person hears it, they know what your business is about.

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5. Avoid trademark problems

Before making your domain name official you should make sure, you are not violating anyone’s trademarks. Do the search before registering yourself.

It is good to check now because this could kill a great website or a business down the road. Also, if you are going to mention a great name product like facebook or twitter, read their terms and conditions.

6. Don’t go for numbers and hyphens

Avoid using numbers and hyphen, especially hyphen because they can cause a lot of confusion for the other person. Stay away from them at all costs.

Even a website having a clever name like can cause a lot of confusion.

7. Follow trends, don’t own them

If you deal your business like a trend, it will fade away like a trend. Choose a name that is classy and something that will stay in the span of generations.

Deciding whether something is trendy or not is a matter of personal judgement but it is also not something very difficult to decide.

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8. Love your domain name

Sounds odd? But this is something important and something you really need to because if you decide on changing your domain name after a couple of years, you will lose time, money and ranks.

I wouldn’t recommend you to change your domain name once your website or business is live for no matter how much time.


Be careful while choosing your domain name and you need to take care of all the factors mentioned above before buying a domain for business.

A name is very important for your online business and it can make or break your online business in many ways.

Best of luck choosing a good domain.

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