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What Is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization which we often called as SEO is a process of rank high on search engine result pages in an organic way. In simple words when every user searches for anything on the search engine the shown to them is known as Search Engine Optimization.

How SEO works

  • Crawler- crawler is a computer program that automatically understands what is your website is about. In other words, whenever you publish a blog or website search engines send their robots spiders to scan the content.
  • Indexing-  crawler crawls your content then provides a proper category to your website. We can also say that indexing is the process of storing websites/blogs in a huge database according to the content.
  • The result- If searchers intent relevant to your content then search engines make sure that your content is easily discoverable to them.

Factors which have a direct or indirect effect on ranking

There are more than 200 factors for ranking high on google search engine result pages some of them are:-

Why SEO is important

Millions of content is published on google every day. Its kind of difficult for you to gain free traffic, sale and rank your company high If you don’t apply seo tactics to your site.

  • Quality of visitors over the quantity of visitors- Suppose numbers of visitors visit your site looking for the best hotels in India but your site is about a restaurant in Delhi that doesn’t make sense to them. In actuality, you need to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in the products or services you offer.
  • The organic result over the paid result- In paid traffic you have to pay some amount of money to a search engine to rank high. Inorganic traffic you don’t have any money to rank high you just have to apply SEO tactics on your website. Although paid ads get a significant portion in SERP.

Types of SEO

  • ON page SEO
  • OFF page SEO
  • Technical SEO


Whatever you see when you open any website title, description, heading, etc are under On-page SEO. It consists of all the elements of SEO you can control the best.  On-page SEO should be done even if you rank 1 in the search result because SEO is an ongoing process because rank 1  not reserved for anyone.

On page elements

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Heading
  • Content
  • Image optimization etc

Off page SEO

It refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your ranking within search engine result pages.

Off page elements

  • Backlinks
  • Follow backlinks
  • No- follow backlink
  • Juice links

Technical SEO

Technical seo deals with technical aspect of a website like website speed, crawling, indexing, robot.txt, XML sitemap.

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