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What is the meaning of Jugadu?

What is the meaning of Jugadu?

What is a jugaad?

Jugadu is the most used word especially in a country like India, right? Now do we know what Jugadu really means? We think the meaning of Jugadu is a short term way of doing things that last only for sometime but let’s face the truth, shall we?

A Jugaad is when we find solutions to problems that may be unsolvable. A Jugaad takes special skills and a mindset to do tasks. If you think you can do something with limited resources or less resources, you are a Jugadu.

A jugaad takes good experience, efficiency in their field and proper knowledge to create a solution for something that has no or limited resources to work on or with. A jugad is not when you solve a problem with a short term and non reliable solution but when you use all your knowledge to solve the impossible. 

What is Team Jugadu?

Team Jugadu is a startup that comes up with an improved way to do things. We develop websites for your online businesses but not only developing it is our job. We will secure it, digitally and socially market your website. Content and graphics do not come in handy and you know they are important.

The most important part is if you are famous offline you should be famous online too because with the changing times a visitor would like to see your website and check-out your work rather than visiting you in person.

Our Team Jugadu is a place run by people who know how important security is because the background is from cybersecurity so there is no doubt in that they are the right people to handle the security of your business.

What is our idea?

Team Jugadu is a place where we will help you develop your omnipresence. How? Here’s how :

  • We will provide you with website development and other services that comes with it as well like SEO, Digital and social marketing, graphics and content, Security and domain name too. Our Team is a one way window for you all. 
  • We have a complete list of what to do and how. Our team will help you do everything according to the standard of that service. A graphic designer knows how to create graphics for a website. We work in an integrated manner keeping the work right.
  • Once you decide to give us your project all you have to do is tell us what you want and leave the rest to us. 
  • Acceptance to all the changes that are happening day to day in market and living upto the standard of the work.
  • AMC is our Annual Maintenance Contract which is unique is for a year we are responsible to manage your online business. All the changes or upgradations you want in your website will be done by us. 


The word Jugaad is not what you think it is. Our Team Jugadu is in action to clear your doubts on what is the meaning of it. Team Jugadu will help you understand on how to create your web omnipresence with our help, all you need is pick up your phone and check your website, and if you like us leave your query.

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