Cyber Security

Why is Cyber Security Even for a Startup Important?

What is Cyber Security? 

Cyber Security for business terms would mean securing your online business from hackers. A hacker does not want your personal information by hacking into your system. But what they do is try to steal your traffic or on-site data, try to hack into customers’ debit/credit card details, crash or slow your website, etc. Because there is no extent to which a cybercriminal can go. They do not have a particular target in mind or a particular thing to destroy, they will always take out different things from different websites they hack. 

Why you should be concerned about your website being hacked and cyber security is important? 

Because there is a hack every 39 seconds, this is why you should be concerned. A hacker will always target a website that has no security and is vulnerable because that is an easy target. A hacker can do anything possible with your website and it can destroy your reputation in the market. A customer cannot trust you if you do not have proper security functions. A hacker can hack into your business in seconds can destroy all of your hard work into the drain in seconds. 

What do hackers target?

Hackers will target your customers mainly. Malicious software is used to infect websites, gather data, and even hijack computer software. Malicious software refers to any malicious program that causes harm to your computer in the form of viruses, trojans, adware, etc. If your site has been hacked the hacker will try to redirect traffic or infect visitors. The hacking that the hackers do is mostly done by automated hacking tools because there are a thousand different ways of hacking. 

What is the loss to us? 

So, there is a great loss to people doing business. People rely on search engines when they want to get information about something. A website that is not secure will lose its customer because people do not prefer to visit websites that can give viruses to the other person’s laptop. Google has advanced its technology in terms of hacked websites and they remove those from search results.

Loss Risk Joy Risk Business Win Winner Lose

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