Why is SEO more important during COVID’19?


Hi, Are you there accessing the internet all night and day long? Obviously, what else will you do when you are in quarantine because of the you know, the China born virus. COVID’19 is the right term to do your SEO. Here’s how?

So, is this the right time to stop doing SEO for your work? No, this is not the right time because the internet usage has increased exponentially. The number of searches have gone way up on Google and you cannot stop doing your SEO right now.

Okay, Let’s discuss it one by one:

1. COVID’19 is trending

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I check the statistics for coronavirus. Coronavirus is a famous word and trending on top right now.

The word coronavirus will have it’s own effects and it’s going to be there in the market for a long time, not forever but long. So, if you are taking all the precautions needed why don’t you use coronavirus upto your own benefit?

All you have to do is mention the word Covid’19 and half your work is done.

2. Content is and will remain evergreen

No matter what happens content posting which is videos, photos, blogs and captions and any kind of content will be on top. COVID’19 might not last forever but your content will.

Although, you are supposed to keep your content up to date because one day, COVID’19 will be over and things will change and so will your content.

For this you are supposed to write content on topics that are evergreen and are related to your business. Something that is not going to go out of fashion even though there is no coronavirus, imagine that.

3. SEO is not just about traffic

The purpose of SEO is not simply to increase website traffic but to increase qualified traffic.

This means that visitors who are finding their way to your website in the face of opposing trends are most likely very interested in what you have to offer.

In this sense, SEO can help you identify highly qualified leads for your business, even if to nurture in the future.

4. Search is more important now

Due to COVID’19, more and more people are at home and they are not listening to the radio but they are searching google for updates about the world news.

Old fashioned people who didn’t know about or didn’t know how to use it are learning and trying to use it anyway.

COVID’19 has helped people advance their ways and technology is terms of certain and a lot of things.

To conclude:

Now, we have learnt that using the terms COVID’19 in your content will help you a lot but you also have to create evergreen content.

Evergreen content will always stay but the coronavirus will go someday I wish. So, you are supposed to up content that does not go out of date.

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