Cyber Security Challenges During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The world is facing a pandemic trying to fight a virus that has kept all of us indoors. What are the risks that the IT companies in India are facing in a higher ratio? The risk of being cyber attacked and not have it under control because right now, we all are working from home and it is believed that we might not have the right tools or technology to get an attack under control at home. So, there goes our biggest worry.

What you can do?

What you can do during this is take some steps and try to get it under control at home:

Educate and engage your employees: You need to educate your employees about the attacks that can be possibly achieved and how difficult it might get to have it under control.

Anti Virus: Having an anti virus installed on all your systems is the best thing that you can do for your data right now. An unprotected computer is an easy target for a motivated attacker.

Password management: We all tend to have passwords that we can easily memories but what we forget is it is as easy to hack them too. So what you should do is have complicated passwords that are not easy hackable. There are applications that can let you know the most common 10,000 passwords used in just four minutes and try them one by one. Believe me, you will be screwed if you don't play right.

Secure your networks: Without getting too technical, just know that having a firewall between your corporate network and the Internet is very important. If you don’t have that barrier, there is very little stopping someone from freely accessing your data.

Protect your banking details: You need to keep tight with your banking information, all your financial details, account numbers, and everything else should be password protected because who knows what they are aiming for?

Data Encryption: One of the most common types of breaches right now is the ransomware where the attacker tries to encrypt your data (locking you out of it). Then they have the digital key to your data and without that key you cannot have access to your information. They will give you the but for a very large fee. So, to protect yourself from this you should have your data backed up.

Stay updated with your operating system: New malware is generated round-the-clock, threatening your computer or device, its operating system, and the software/apps installed on it. Your anti-malware software as well as your browser(s) are also at risk if not kept current and properly patched. Making simple setting changes now could protect your personal e-property (email, files, etc.) and then you can let your computer handle the rest.

Use VPN: A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which is a tunnel between two or more devices. These are used to protect private web traffic from snooping, interference and censorship.

Manage permissions and sessions: Managing permissions and session security is an important consideration in the design of any system that requires communication between a server and a client. Improper security can lead to user accounts being vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Use virtualization: Virtualization is a process where we run multiple virtual instances on a single physical hardware device. Security virtualization is the process that ensures that the device is protected and free of any attacks.


How will Team Jugadu will be of help to you in this?

Now, while introducing all of this you might think you don't have access to any of it and how you will get all of this sitting at your home? We have always been here at your disposal be it online or offline but these days? Online only. Devlofox technologies is an expert in terms of cyber security issues and how you should manage then without the right tools. You may want to see what else do we deal in, so visit our website Team Jugadu. Team Jugadu is a project of Devlofox technologies where we provide all services to get you a presence online with the best if features abd work on time and we not only promise to fulfil your expectations but we do.

Why is a website important?

A website will help you follow the Work from home criteria and during this pandemic, there is nothing else that we need to keep our work going. So, our idea is to promote having a website for your business so that you can conduct all your work online. A website is your online office and a way to not stop even in future.

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These are some of the common and the most important steps that you can take to ensure the security of your data during this pandemic. You should take care of all these steps by yourself at home and you will be not under any attacks.

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