Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQ's

Team Jugadu is a place where you find all "jugads" for your online business. From mapping a design to making it live. Once you become a part of us, your business will be ours.
The most important question while trusting a team with you business, right? The only reason why you should choose our Jugadu Team is we can arrange a solution to any kind of problem. Need help with anything? Just drop your query online or meet us offline and we will be right back with a great solution.
Team Jugadu has been in business since February 2019 and we have had 20 satisfied clients and 30 projects delivered.
When we start a business we think it's a small setup and won't be easy to hack, right? That's where the risk lies, small businesses might be unnoticeable to larger group of people but it is still easily hackable because there is not much protection on it.
We will provide you with certain security services like red team sandbox testing, bug fixing, Ddos, traffic monitoring and many other services that will assure you with the kind of security your online business will need.
The cost will depend on the kind of work you will give us. Every field of work requires a different type of way and we charge according to it.
Digital Marketing will include using pay per click (advertisement), SEO, internet, mobile devices and other channels to advertise or bring your product on top. Social media marketing includes using social pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. To give your product a value in the market.
You can call us on 8285404550 or Whatsapp us on 7982436893. If you want reach us online mail us on Leave your query and we will answer you with the right solution.
The online office is when you visit our website to know the details of the work we do, the services we provide. You can also leave a query regarding your question in the query section given at the bottom of the page.
You can find us offline too. The address to our offline office is 4b, 4th Floor, Big Jo's Tower, Netaji Subhash Palace, PitamPura New delhi 110034. You can meet us here or to fix a meeting outside call us on 8285404550.
Before becoming a part of us you want to know whether we can deal with your need or not, we can design your website, we can give you security for your online business, we can get you thousands of customers, boost your website with a lot of traffic, and much more. Give us your business and stay calm!
We will complete your project in the least time possible and deliver it to you with perfection.
Subscribing to us will help you get our latest follow ups in our business and weekly updates on the market. And new business strategies that we are using.
We will study your query and note down everything you need, we will come up with a creative solution and we will discuss the solution with you. You will tell us if the solution works for you, if it doesn’t we will give you another jugaad but with our team we make sure you don’t go empty handed. We will definitely give you a great solution.
You can start with a small task and see how we work and how much time do we take to complete your task. If you find us reliable you can join us by giving bigger tasks. We promise to deliver on time.
Domain and Business Name Related FAQ's

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.
Because while buying a domain people go for names that spun d fancy and not professional. Help while buying a domain name will let you choose the right name.
In future if you decide to take your business international it will be a problem. For eg., The name of your domain is a2zinternational, They will sign you up as atwoz which will definitely be a problem.
We will discuss the cost of it once you decide to meet us.
Yes, we have registered ourselves with a domain buying website. Everything we do or provide is certified.
  1. # SEO friendly domain name
  2. # Easy to spell
  3. # Professional and not a cutesy
  4. # Domain should be representable
  5. # Easy to pronounce
AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Related FAQ's

AMC is our Annual Management Contract, where we will maintain your website and other services according to you but you won’t have to maintain your website yourself, that will bed our responsibility.
We will cover all the services that we provide in our contract. We will make sure to post your posts and even make them for you. Fixing bugs and changing whatever you want us to change on your website.
We will have a contract signed with you where we will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, saying we have no right to disclose your information even after you are not dealing with us. Don’t worry, your information is safe.
You can get 3 months, 6 months or a year package depending on your business and your budget.
The budget will depend on how many services do you want in your AMC. The price will be decided on the kind of business you do.
We will meet first, discuss your business and your requirements with us, we will give you options on our packages and then we will mutually decide.
Yes, you will. You can stop your AMC if you get good prices elsewhere or any other reason.
The benefit you get from this is we will take complete care of every single thing on your website. We will advertise and secure your website too. Fix all the bugs as soon as you tell us the problems.
Cyber Security Related FAQ's

Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.
Choosing the right people with your business is a big deal, but why should you trust us? Because our CEO has been a part of cyber immersions and we know all about business security and how important it is.
A cyber threat/risk is when the hacker will try to steal your data or put your client information at jeopardy. They hack into your website and steal account information of your customers if it is not secure.
The cost or the budget will completely depend on how small or large your business is. We will disclose the price once you meet us.
Yes, we are. We have certification to sell security services.
We will provide you with Red Team Sandbox testing, bug fixing, traffic monitoring, XSS protection and Ddos.
Yes, we do. We will give complete protection to your data, making sure nobody steals it or misuses your customer’s data.
There is an attack on websites every 39 seconds. It will take only 39 seconds for a hacker to destroy everything you have built or wanted build. There are 5200 cyber attacks every month.
There is a great loss to people doing business. Google has advanced its technology in terms of hacked websites and they remove those from search results.
Social Media Marketing Related FAQ's

SMM is a complete opposite of what we do in digital marketing. Social Media platforms are used to advertise about your business using great graphics and content to attract customers.
The cost will depend on what kind of project you want from us, what are your expectations from us and the kind of business you do.
The time we take is approximately a month but this will also depend on the kind of work you need from us.
The facilities that you will get with SMM is we will make a strategy on how we will advertise your work on social media and implement it. We will manage your social media accounts but only if you want.
Digital marketing is a complete opposite of what you think it is. It is advertising your product or business digitally using adwords or email templates but in social media we choose platforms like facebook, instagram or twitter and many other platforms that are used.
We make posts that are specific to a particular age group. For eg., For all kinds of cosmetics there is a new brand launched, we will target all the girls from age 18 to 25 to sell our product. We know about all the targeting strategies and we target specific audience for a particular kind of business.
We use all platforms that different age groups are using nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the most used, There are other platforms too that we will target and discuss with you.
Yes, because it gets impossible to open the accounts and post everyday or every 3-4 times a week. So, the better option os we schedule your posts with dates and a particular time for all posts.
We will post at least one post everyday, and if you want us to post more than one we will do that too.
No, Different platforms work differently and they require different strategies to advertise. We make different plans to advertise widely on different platforms.
Every business requires social marketing so that more people can know about your business and come to you. We will post about you, your services, your prices and how are they less and beneficial from others in the market, this will help you grow and spread your business online.
Posting and spreading out ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any social platform will spread brand awareness. We will completely spread the word about your business online. Because 90% of the population is online right now and everyday.