Team Jugadu Story

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Who are we?

Hi, I am Arjun, The owner of Devlofox Technologies. Team Jugadu is a project taken up and worked upon by the team members of Devlofox Technologies. Team Jugadu is the opposite of what it’s name suggests and that is why you need to be with me and read the story of my company. Hope you will enjoy it.

The idea behind the project Team Jugadu was to provide all the services related to web development at one place because I observed briefly that no company was providing all the website development services at one place at a time and if they were they were highly overpriced and were not upto the expectations of the customer. My idea was to do what has been lagging behind since and unfortunately, my idea worked and we are in a great status of growth with the support of our team members.

Now, you might think why would I do something like this? Follow through.

During my observational visits to the market I could feel a gap between the companies on how they were working and what was it that they were doing to their customers. Now, we see in the start of Google, there were already thousands of Search engines existing but still Google came up and was the best and still is. Reason? Because it gave people what other search engines couldn’t provide and that is what gave me the idea to provide what other web development companies did not do.

After my hardwork and all the research I did, I found out that companies weren’t very systematic with their work and there were no very good website development companies in our country. Those websites were not good enough to show what business was held by the owner of the company.

Companies think of it only as a business and they see how to make money out of a website and that is what I did not want to be there. I think of a website as an essential part of one’s business. To me, A website is an online office.

Secondly, no company was providing good graphics at a cheap price and the ones that did cost way too high hence, the clients couldn’t afford it. And they had to settle down for average priced graphics that was of no use to them and it put their businesses in jeopardy.

And now, my whole idea of providing the services at one place. A platform where you get everything at the minimum costs possible.

Next question might be, How is that even possible? I will tell you

If you have the will to do something, nothing seems impossible. The reason behind our low cost and on point services all at one place is simple enough to understand and i.e.,The founder and the director of the company are experts in technology say cyber security, graphics, marketing, management, et cetera. So, the projects that we get are definitely not outsourced by manpower. And the team members are efficient and innovative and can handle different tasks at a time too. Therefore, we charge less in front.

We are a cost effective company and we do not give unnecessary headaches to our clients by asking them to pay all at once. What we do is take some advance to start the project, then we charge them from Rs. 999 to 10k per month according to their projects after 2-3 months. We also keep a complete check on the business and how is it doing.

Our company will also give you an AMC for 3 months as complementary.

Who was the initial founder of the name Team Jugadu?

The name was meant to hit the idea of providing all the services in a place directly, I wanted to let people know what we were doing and I wanted it to strike through their brains just by the name.

My friend and I went to Bangalore to research the whole IT company business, we were there living in a PG and going here and there to work on our research. We also talked to a lot of people to get the wisdom knowledge about the business.

Bangalore was my motivation, a place where I had all the space to explore and share my ideas and my dreams started to come true.

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How did I gain a client?

I proposed my idea to some people and they liked it and they were influenced by it. I gained a client on the second day of my business and then another and other. This had me thinking that people like my idea and I am an influence to the market.

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How did I get my team or should I say my family?

My idea of a team from the first day was not only a team but a family. Getting people to work for you is hard because most of the time, money is the output they want and not learning.

I needed a web developer to start a team and after a lot of interviews, I shortlisted an intern because I thought he had good knowledge of his work and he wanted to learn more than money. He is still with us in our family and he has proved his way in our company and we see a bright future there.

And, then I found a content writer in my office only and she wanted to join in with us. We also hired her as an intern in our company and she really impressed everyone by her work and she is still with us and we see a future there too.

And some of my old friends from South India wanted to join in with me and work with me and I gave all of them a chance to be with me and work with me.

How much experience did I had?

I had 4 years of experience in my field and I wanted my team members to have at least 3-4 year in this field with me. And I had good knowledge of production and relation of the company. I already had much knowledge about computers and technology because I used to work in MNC’s and it was not very difficult for me to get ahead of it.

Why the name Team Jugadu?

The name Team Jugadu itself suggests that we can get an arrangement for your online troubles.We can suggest great ideas for you on how to be omnipresent in the social world. Team Jugadu is a team having solutions to problems and a jugaad to all your impossible problems that you think have no solution.

Mission and Target

Our mission is to help people who have no idea on how to create omnipresence online. We will help you through the whole process, in order to let you know how to use your online presence to communicate with clients. Our mission is to help clients get all the services needed for web presence in one place and at a much affordable price.

Our target is to help people have an online presence for their offline businesses. To help people achieve this target we let them know the benefits of online business and we provide all the services in hand to them.

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What is web omnipresence?

Web Omnipresence or Ubiquity refers to when you are everywhere with what you are doing. Like God is everywhere, you know. With an increase in the number of online businesses nowadays, it is important you create your presence everywhere so that people know what you are doing in the market. Web Omnipresence is when you are their socially, digitally, through a website or any other way for that matter. Web Omnipresence is a concept not familiar globally till now. But our Team will help you create your omnipresence and let everyone know about you.